• The Epilaser Premium is an easy to use, home-based laser hair removal device that is the first of its kind. It is FDA Cleared – 510(k) #170970


  • Patented and equipped with infrared monochromatic laser technology, the Epilaser is the only cosmetic laser on the market developed specifically for use on facial hair that allows you to see each individual hair you are treating!


  • Connect the Epilaser to the included Personal Viewing Screen and use the laser’s built-in magnifying camera to find and treat each hair individually, allowing for the precision of electrolysis without the added pain


  • Epilaser’s four (4) lasers converge on the hair follicle itself, penetrating it, thereby, stunting any potential hair regrowth. Epilaser does not use heating elements or flashing lights to deliver small amounts of energy to the follicles – it hits the follicle directly with up to 6 times the energy of similarly priced IPL devices


  • The Epilaser offers lasting, long-term results with the added convenience, affordability, and privacy of self-treatment, eliminating the need for expensive, inconvenient spa appointments



  • Small, lightweight, and ergonomically designed to fit a woman’s hand, the Epilaser is simple and comfortable to use